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Rwanda Gatare (Nyamasheke region) coffee

This is our first coffee from the African continent!

Rwanda is known as one of the world’s top coffee producing countries, and for good reason. Firstly, the soil and the climate. Rwanda is located in the centre of Africa’s largest lakes and the East African Rift Zone, and its soil is fertile and rich in minerals. The tropical climate, with regular rainfall and high humidity levels, is ideal for growing coffee.

Gatare Coffee Washing Station is located in the mountains of western Rwanda, in the cradle of Rwanda’s coffee, Nyamaseheke District, which produces half of the country’s coffee. The coffee plantations from which the harvested coffee fruit goes to this washing station are situated at an altitude of 2,050 m above sea level, on sandy clay soil with volcanic aspects, with annual rainfall ranging from 1 ,000 to 1,500 mm. The Gatare washing station was built in 2008 and processes only Red Bourbon Arabica coffee. The coffee is sourced from around 575 small farms, each with around 500 coffee bushes.

We offer you this coffee in a light-medium roast, suitable for both filter and interesting espresso.

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Coffee species: 100% Arabica
Coffee variety:
Red Bourbon
Nyamasheke, Ruanda
2050 metri v.j.l.
Green beans processing:
SCA score:
Roast level: