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Our Team

Roasted in the family

We are a family-run business that came to coffee roasting by chance, but, at the same time, with a sense of purpose. Coffee has been in our life for a long time, and we have always strived to find a coffee whose taste and aroma qualities do not make to want it hidden under a lot of milk, sugar and syrups.

When, several years ago, the coffee of our choice, which we had found to be pretty good, once again disappeared from retail shelves, we started looking for a replacement. As a result, by exploring the world of coffee in much greater depth than before, we discovered a rich and nuanced side that had remained hidden due to a lack of attention. As we know, if you look for one piece of information, if you let yourself, many more things one will come to you. This is how we decided to start roasting our own coffee at home.

Of course, the first results were a complete failure – a house full of smoke and terrible coffee. But the first failures did not stop us, quite the opposite. We spent days learning, trying, testing, learning again and never giving up. And so passed countless months of roasting and subtly testing what we had done on the taste buds of relatives and guests. We had moved seamlessly from searching for the perfect coffee in the shops to striving to create a great coffee ourselves. And with our work being approved not only by ourselves but also by others, the next logical step was to offer our roasts to the wider public. And so our family business, BRANT Coffee, was born. We gave our name to our coffee as a sign of quality – we will not compromise on taste, aroma or ethical standards in the growing of the coffee beans we use. We continue to create coffee that we are proud to offer to our friends!


We know the origin of each coffee bean we use in our roasts.

Highest Quality

Specialty coffee. All the beans we use have SCA rating of at least 80 points.

Ethically Produced

It is important to us that everyone along the production chain is paid a fair wage for their work.

Personal Touch

Each of our coffees has a special story – from the coffee farm to the roast.

Our philosophy of coffee

The coffee industry is comonly not known as the most environmentally and human-friendly, so many people go so far as avoiding the drink completely. However, we believe that this is not entirely the right way to go. Alongside a world where coffee is grown in intensive agriculture, in conditions that are intolerable to humans, there is a world of coffee farming, where family farms make a living through sustainable coffee farming. Choosing green coffee beans is important for us not to violate our ethical principles, so in addition to the quality of the coffee, the story of where it is grown and by whom is very important to us.

Producing coffee is in some ways comparable to making wine. The origin can be traced back to the region, to the farm, even to the coffee garden. Quality coffee has a known roasting date. Each bean has its own true, correct roasting methods and levels, which bring out its full potential of flavours and aromas. Traceable coffees are rated on a 100-point scale. Wine connoisseurs will certainly see many similarities.

We have also chosen the packaging carefully. On the principle of “what you take, you give back”, one tree is planted for every 100 bags of packaging we use for our roasted coffee beans.

Our coffee is available only as whole beans, as ground coffee loses its good taste and aroma incomparably faster and must be ground just before the drink is made, not earlier.

We love coffee, its smell and taste, and all the other things that slip past the consumer in the daily rush. We have decided to take an endless journey into the world of coffee with our family business, and we invite you, our friends, to follow us!

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